Jurusan Hospitality dan Cookery adalah Jurusan Orang PINTAR!

Hi Ozoners! Do you know the faculty that booming in this year? Yes the answer is hospitality or hotel management. Hospitality is a faculty that learn how to serve the guest or customer, learn every single things about hotel and kitchen. This faculty is booming because the prospect career is guarantee and the number of hotel is getting higher and higher so the chance to get a job is big. Hospitality also learn about management so the school hope the students can be a manager.

Now I wanna tell you about one of the best academy in New Zealand, North Shore International Academy (NSIA). NSIA has 3 campuses and every campus is in Auckland.  NSIA has an excess that will impress you, NSIA won New Zealand Culinary Fare Training Exellence Award Winner in this 7 years (from 2006-2012).

NSIA has the complete facilities commercial restaurant and bar so the students can work here. NSIA also has Restaurant Service Training, Commercial Training Kitchens, Hotel/Hospitality Training, Bar Training Rooms, Barista Training Rooms, Academy Auditorium, Computer Lab and Library for study and practice.



NSIA is one of the favorite campus prooved from the number of the students, 1.200 international studentsand 120 domestic (New Zealand) students. NSIA became the international student’s choice because now New Zealand is the best country for education in the world. It isn’t impossible because even if New Zeland only has 8 universities but these 8 universities were in the rank of top universities in the world. New Zealand also the country that free from corrupt and the capital city, Auckland is number 4 the savest city and the most comfort city to stay.

To enroll in NSIA, you’ll take an IELTS test and the result must be above 5.5. but don’t worry because for you that got under 5.5 you’ll take a hospitality/cookery program in 6 months. For hospitality you must be high school graduated but for cookery, if you just primary or middle school graduated you can enroll but your age must be above 17 years 9 months or almost 18 years old.



The benefits that you’ll get when you were a NSIA student, NSIA has a division named Connect. This division will help you to get a job and also give you about the job vacancies.

If you take Cookery you’ll get 4 certificates, Diploma Professional Cookery level 5, National Certificate Hospitality Cookery level 4, Diploma International Culinary Art level 5 dan Diploma International Culinary and Cookery level 5 because in Cookery you’ll learn everything like Asian Food, Western Food and also Pastry and Bakery.

For hospitality will get 3 certificates Diploma in Hotel, Hospitality and Management, National Diploma in Hospitality Management level 5, NSIA Diploma in Hospitality Management level 5.