Computing Jurusan yang Menguntungkan

Hello Ozoners! Do you know about Computing? Computing is one of the students’ favorite faculties. So many peoples have an interest in this faculty because this faculty guarantee the prospect career in every company. You know every company need people from computing.

Computing will connect with computer like the program, application even the hardware. This faculty is the high class faculty and need the smart peoples. Prospect career for omputing students are IT Support, Progammer, Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, System Administrator and many more.



In Cornell Institute of Business and Technology, Computing is the students’ favourite faculties. Conell has a commit to give the quality education.

Cornell Institute of Business and Technology located in the central city of Auckland. Cornell is near tour and travel destiantions and also Auckland’s offices.Because of the strategic location, Cornell is famous enough in Auckland.



The good point from Cornell is Cornell use small class with under 20 students in class so the students will focus and get open minded with the teacher and classmates that will bring the comfort and fun situation. Facilities in Cornell is so complete and use the newest technology. The teachers in Cornell also a professional teacher and qualified internationaly.

Many universities in your country are great but when you’ll study in the savest and the best education in the world? You’ll also get more experiences and the certificate is qualified globaly so it will support you to get a job.